Craftsman shop   “Home manufactured crafts” goes in for basketry – wickerwork trade for over 50 years. Long standing experience in making furniture from sticks is the guarantee for good quality.

We offer various products among which we emphasize:

- Wicker sets of furniture

- Various purpose shelves (TV shelves, drinks cabinet shelves, corner shelves…)

- Wall units

- Tables

- Chairs

- Deck chairs

- Flower pot stalks

- Wicker shopping bags

- Laundry Baskets

Which you can see in our photo gallery.


Justifying your confidence makes us a commitment to provide for exactly what you expect to get for your money, but also gives us satisfaction for further work and improvement (progress).

All the products can be ordered by your measures and dimensions, and there is a possibility of choosing color.

Via current account is also possible.

Best regards

Saranovic family